Albany, Georgia

So we just made it into Albany, Georgia. I have never seen so much rain in my life. Even the locals say that it is absolutely crazy! We finally got off the ground this morning at about 11:30 only after dad spent about two hours testing the plane out. I talked to one of the guys who’s about my age about everything from hunting, to noodling, and just playing with various tropical creatures. Crazy kid…

On Friday night we stayed at a fairly epic motel. It was like something you would pull out of a movie. As in, I’m pretty sure somebody could die there and either nobody would notice or nobody would care. The owner was Indian and spoke bearly a lick of English. The lovely room we got put in was complete with sheets that looked like a black dog had resided there earlier, a giant hole in the wall (from who knows what), and extremely stained carpet. I was kind of afraid that I would catch a disease when I used the shower (of which you could not actually regulate the Temperature at all). It would fluctuate between extreme hot to freezing cold. It woke you up for sure! I have to say I was much more awake after my very “exciting” shower. I don’t think showers were meant to be exciting… oh well. Saturday morning when we mentioned to the locals at Browns Seaplane Base where we stayed they were not only astounded we made it out alive but also said “nobody is a patron of that hotel, you are either selling drugs or prostituting”. We weren’t doing either one, but I have to say that it was an experience to say the least. I think it was an adventure I wouldn’t really take back considering I’m alive and still healthy.

Last night we fared much better as far as lodging goes. We couldn’t leave on Saturday because of undone paperwork and then weather difficulties starting in the afternoon. We met a German man at Browns who gave us a ride to the hotel that he was staying at. Dad and I spent the evening drinking soda and sitting on the deck watching an incredible lightning storm.

That brings us to Albany, Georgia…and a huge storm that has grounded us for the rest of the day. Wish me luck with the weather. Hoping for sun tomorrow or at least not too much rain and wind to let us out.

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