Germany Day 4

There is only one word to describe today and that would be courageous! I feel fairly confident that if someone were to put me in any spot in Hamburg I would find my way home by the days end. I used directions printed off the internet to go downtown so I could find the Brahms museum. Upon my arrival in the middle of this gigantic city I found out that the directions were wrong…uh oh…There was a very nice park right near where I was so I walked over to it and laid down in the grass for the next few hours. Then I found a map and I found out that I was pretty near to the Hamburg history museum so I walked over there. Turns out this park is like 2 miles long and the museum was at the other end so I got to see A LOT of the park. Slightly exausted when I arrived I looked around briefly but couldn’t stay long because it was getting kind of late. I had free admission so I am thinking of going back on Thursday. I don’t think it is possible to see the entire museum in just one day, it is by far the biggest museum I have ever been to in my entire life.
When I got back I went to Hamburgs biggest shopping mall and gosh was it huge! Hamburg makes this special icecream that is kind of like gelato so I got a fruit parfait sort of thing with tons and tons of fruit in it. It was quite amazing. I am excited because tomororw I am going to get a chance to speak to and English class about UAF, foreign exchange, Alaska and that sort of thing. I am pretty excited.

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