Germany Day 5

On Thursday I was basically in a frenzy to get ready to leave. I spent the entire morning at the Hamburg History Museum. I had gotten to briefly glance at it earlier that week but not actually look and I was astounded at how big it was! I couldn’t even believe it! It is the biggest museum in Germany so I guess it would be big. There was every display from the earliest settlers of Hamburg, to the Victorian era up until the Jews and the reign of Hitler. It finishes off with a boat that they had rebuilt INSIDE the museum! It was totally gigantic and actually slightly creepy. Then it had a lot of models of boats and things like that. I just couldn’t believe how huge it was!!! So that was an awesome experience.

After about 6 hours in the Hamburg History museum I went to the spice museum. It was the strangest place I have ever gone. It was up two rather sketchy stairwells in a building that is a storage center for old broken stuff. If there were no signs for the museum ever 3 feet I would have been scared for my life 😉 lol, not really but it was not really the kind of walk to a museum you would normally experience. The museum itself was one room and smelled magnificent. It had over 500 displays of different spices you could smell, touch, and taste (if you like tasting raw spices…) and gave the background history to a large number of them. There were also other displays like “things we have found in bags of sugar” and in the display would be flipflops, childrens toys, a snake, a rat, things like that. It was so crazy! Not exactly the average museum. OH! And they gave me a bag of pepper as a thank you for visiting their museum…guess they were hard up for customers. I enjoyed it and I would definitely suggest it for a future traveler to Hamburg.

The rest of my day I went back and packed up my stuff. At Hamburg airport there is a cool system where you can check your bags in a day early if your plane leaves before 8am so I thought this would be a fantastic deal! I drag all four of my bags all the way down to the airport (took about an hour between the two buses and two subways I had to take), arrive at the desk that says “early check-in” and find out that British Airways is the only airlines that does not have an early check-in service. Needless to say I was disappointed not only that I wasted three hours of my day but also that I would have to drag all my bags back home and then out again at 4am. I went home and just took the rest of the day easy, quite tired from my last week of running around.

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