Back from Indonesia

Dad and I made it home two days ago safely. We had the opportunity to do so much work while in Indonesia. Customs in Manado swiped two of our suitcases filled to the brim with medical supplies we were going to use while over there so we had to refocus. Dad mainly taught the dentist at the IFC base about dental work. Her name is Neni and she is 19 and just incredible. She knows a huge amount about dental work and is so ready to learn anything she can. She is a real joy to work with.
I mainly worked in the Ward doing medical work. I did everything from bandaging burn wounds to fixing machete wounds, and helping comfort hurting children. I also did a lot of work with the kids in the Childrens home. I played duck duck goose, tag, went swimming in rivers and the ocean aswell. Also just got to build real loving relationships with some of the older children and entertain some of the younger ones.
The only downside to the trip was that Dad and I got quite sick for most of the time. I didn’t eat anything for three days and he didn’t eat much. I threw up all night one night and continued variously for the rest of the trip. I also got a pretty good gash/puncture wound in my foot which bled for quite a while. The kids I was playing with at the time were quite concerned and all 15 of them accompanied me on the one mile walk back to the Clinic. It did not get infected and for that I am thankful.
The spirit of the people there is just remarkable and the kids there are so tough. I was amazed with how strong each one of the Christians that we encountered was in their faith. The way that they automatically turned to God at every turn is inspiring. Also, the suffering and danger that they face on a daily basis really puts my little inconveniences of life into perspective. I was just in awe by the people we met.
I had the best time taking a long trip with my dad and doing so much for God in the process. I loved it more than anything. I leave for Germany tomorrow night which is quite exciting. I can’t wait!!! Please pray for my safety 🙂

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