Germany Day 2-3

On Sunday CIndy and I ended up sleeping until 3:30 pm because we were both so exhausted so we went to a festival downtown and walked around there then went to a water\light show later that night. It was pretty neat. At the festival there was a German metal band singing country music playing a banjo, guitar, and upright bass. They had pretty strong accents too so it was quite hilarious. I kept laughing and people thought I was a little strange because it wasn’t actually that funny but being from America where country music is supposed to be sang with a western accent it was quite funny.

Monday wasmy first day out on the town alone. I got pretty good at asking people for directions because I got lost three times before I got to my first stop. I started out the morning by going to the biggest train set I have ever seen in my life.I had to make an appointment to go in and so I walked around before that. I found St. Nikolais church, the oldest, tallest, and most prominent church in Hamburg. It has gotten bombed multiple times during its history and always got rebuilt until the last time it was bombed and they only rebuilt the steeple to remember what it has gone through and remember those who died. There is a museum underneath it that was pretty neat but then I got to ride in a glass elevator to the top of the steeple. It was totally incredible and a sight to see, you could look out over all of Hamburg as far as you could see. I walked back to the train set after a quick lunch. It was 5 rooms on two different stories of the building. So incredible, and every ten minutes they dim the lights and make it appear as if it is nighttime. They not only have trains but busses, cars, dancers, hot air balloons, pirate ships, and anything else you can imagine. They took different areas of the world and make replicas of it. Even the pyramid from Las Vegas. I sat down by the waterfront doing a Bible study and drinking a coca-cola for a few hours then it was off again. I went to the museum of work where I found out that there was a pin plant that made all the metal swasticas and pins that the military used during the war. There was also a lot of stuff about how people used to have to work and what the conditions were. I would call this day a win. I made it back home and did not have to sleep on a bench because I was lost. I had fun 🙂

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