Glasgow, Scotland

Yesterday I arrived in Glasgow Scotland after quite an ordeal at the airport. The next morning I woke up at a bright and early 3am and started the trek back to the airport at 4. I guess I was becoming a pro at it considering it was my third time making the commute…lol. I showed up at the ticket counter and the guy throws me a curve ball by telling me that I was not in the system because my ticket had been cancelled at some previous time. WHAT! I have no idea how it happened or why it happened. After a full hour of crazy running around trying to figure out what to do I was able to reschedule without having to pay an “at counter” ticket. I had allready paid the fee for my bags on my ticket that had been cancelled and so they made me pay that again because they had no proof that I had paid it. That made me extremely angry more than anything. That was a large sum of money that I did not need to spend! Anyways, the rest of my flight was lovely. I landed in Glasgow safely later that day.I was greeted at the gate and wisked off to my dorm. It was really weird getting at my dorm. The bus that is driven by Uni. volunteers just dropped me off on the street in front of my dorm…no explanation of what I was supposed to do…or where to go…it kinda freaked me out when I just saw it drive away. I figured out which dorm was mine and find out how to get my key and such. I set up my room (which basically means I dumped all of the contents of all my bags onto my bed), found out where I could buy some food, and walked around the area of town my dorm is in. It was interesting but since orientation does not start until Monday I did not meet anybody or anything which is slightly disappointing. I am hoping that will change on Monday.

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