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Sorry for the month-long delay between blogs. I have been having the time of my life here in Glasgow. This last weekend I went up to Glencoe, Scotland with the Mountaineering Club and did some climbing.

Day one of climbing was not exactly the best hiking trip I have ever been on. We went up to Lost Valley just past Glencoe Valley. It just so happened to be pouring down rain the entire time with 40 mph winds constantly. That changed as soon as we started reaching the summit of a Monroe (the name has slipped my mind) where it increased to 80-90 mph. It was quite terrifying actually. There were a few girls with us who were not prepared and apparently do not do so well with high places and they were in tears before we even got up to the top. The fact that we were all soaked and freezing and facing a 4 hour walk back to the road. I actually had to hold a girls hand the entire way down the mountain. She would not move an inch if she was not holding somebody’s hand. The weather improved for the last hour of the hike though! It was quite an experience I’ll tell you what!

Day two was magnificent. We drove to Glen Nevis early in the morning after a long night of funness including games, stories, and lots of food! Going through Glencoe we saw the Hogwartts Express!!! It was amazing and actually looked exactly like it did in Harry Potter. So that was fun. When we got to the mountain we had the option of going up Glen Nevis either on the walking trail or up te face of the mountain. So me, a girl, and three guys decided to tackle the face. The instructors that had told us where to go said it was scrambling and there was no need for ropes. Well…we definitely could have used ropes. The climb was amazing. We had the best weather you could ask for. It was sunny but slightly chilly to keep you from overheating. We saw a rainbow halfway up and you could just see for miles and miles (or meters and meters 😉 haha). When I was just coming over the last rock at the summit of the monroe I got pelted with A SNOWBALL!!!!! Yes…I’m an Alaskan and I love snow…we had a snowball fight, built a mini-snowman, whitewashed each others faces and ate a little bit of natures goodness. After a while of sitting it started snowing!!! It was just the most amazing thing that I have seen since getting there. We got our own little snowstorm for about ten or fifteen minutes. It started raining on the way down (we were able to walk down on the walking trail) and so we spent the last three hours in pouring down rain. Then upon arriving at the car park we found that the mini-bus had left without us…so I got to experience hitchhiking in a foreign country. We went in pairs and actually made it all the way back to our home for the night. I have to say it was the most incredible weekend since arriving here.

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