Newcastle, England

I don’t think I’m too great at this whole ‘writing on blog’ thing…haha. I’ll get better I promise.

I am now in Newcastle. It is pretty magnificent. My friend Robin had an extra ticket to watch Ludovico Einaudi and considering I am a HUGE fan he offered it to me. We drove down from Glasgow Friday evening. I really really really hate the road system in Glasgow. It makes no sense and took us about an hour to get out of Glasgow. Saturday we woke up and went with a group of people from Robins street for a hike out in the country. We hiked around peoples fields, a stream, in a valley and ended up at a pub for lunch. The pub was so cute! The little village that it was in had one road that wound through it and we were the only people at the pub. We walked back and got home just after dark. We then got ready to go watch Einaudi which was absolutely incredible! I was totally blown away. If you have not heard him then youtube him and listen. It is SOOO much better live. He had a cello player (who I thought was the best player), a viola, a violin/percussion, a violin/guitar, and a mixer. It was so incredible that I don’t even have words to say how amazing it is.The building that it was in was amazing aswell. The sound quality was immense. After the concert we all walked down by the waterfront and through town. I have to say that the nightlife is really crazy. Considering it was halloween and there were a lot of drunk Uni. students everywhere I think it was slightly abnormal but incredibly entertaining. I have to say that I fell in love with Newcastle. It is sooo beautiful!

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