Whales, UK

Last weekend was incredible. I went to whales with the mountineering club. We climbed a mountain in Snowdonia the first day. It was quite rough because it was raining and windy. Everybody in my group got pretty beat up. My knees were feeling just awful by the time we got to the bottom. Then right at the carpark I slipped on a rock and just fell straight onto my back. That evening I spent just laying around trying to recuperate (and working on a composition haha…band geek). The next morning my plan of just going to a pub and hanging out until we left did not work so well. I heard the bus going to Snowdon was leaving and I just figured I had to jump on it. I heard the walk up snowdon was an easy one and figured I could do it. Well…the group I went with was a group of super experienced climbers. We climbed along the ridge-line of the mountain next to it going over to Snowdon. We were climbing on a peak that was about 6 inches wide If you were to fall one direction you would go down a 100 meter drop or the other side where there was a steep shale slide for a couple hundred meters. We would come to huge pillars of rock and so we just climbed over them….don’t even think about going around….or ropes….or the fact that there was TONS of wind, wow. So we made it alive (much to my surprise), summited, summited again and got a picture this time, then had to run down the easy trail to get to the bottom in 40 minutes. It was crazy to say the least. The picture that is with this post was taken by a guy in our group who does photo editing and photography for a magazine. It’s pretty neat some of the ones he took 🙂

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