Dublin, Ireland

The plan was as follows: wake up at 3:15am and have PLENTY of time to shower, finish packing for going to Dublin for the weekend, and get a nice hearty breakfast then be ready to leave at 4am with a taxi already ordered. The plan came off as follows: Phone rang, I picked it up and was slightly confused as to why Grace was telling me to get up (after all, I had set 3 alarm clocks making sure I woke up on time). She then informed me that it was 3:58, the taxi was probably outside and that I needed to get down there post haste! Needless to say, I was quite proud of myself. In two minutes I was in the cab, clothes on, backpack with me (no knowing what I had packed but certain I had a passport and wallet with me), and was waiting for Grace. She was woken up by the taxi cab driver telling her she had 5 minutes to get to the cab or he was leaving. haha, that was the start of our trek to Dublin 🙂

We got to the airport fine after discovering that airport security is not too fond of people trying to bring lethermans onto airplanes. Fortunately I apologized profusely, explained that I am not a terrorist and have no intentions of becoming one, gave them my puppy dog face, and convinced them to let me mail it back to myself. We finally got on the plane and made it to Dublin without a hitch.

We started the day by trying to arrange a train for Grace to go to Cork on Saturday so she could kiss the Blarney Stone. We spent the better part of two hours going from one bus stop to the next to the next. Finally got it sorted and headed to Trinity University. The uni. was absolutely incredible. The architecture is just plain magnificent. We got to go to the book of Kells exhibit that they have there. I did not know what it was and almost did not go it. I actually started crying when I saw the manuscripts :’) We found these girls wearing red bull costumes and so we got some free red bull and got our picture taken…for their calendar….haha, we definitely do not live in their country, go to their Uni, or anything of the sort but we’re in the calendar! I am going to try and track down one of the calendars so that I can have a little souvenir 🙂 we went to an archeology museum next and got to see loads of artifacts that dated back to before Jesus time. Honestly, it was a slight letdown after seeing the book of kells. We decided to make a quick stop by the castle and look at the gardens and just have a small walk around. The castle was just beautiful. By this time we were both pretty beat so we stopped in for some epic lentil soup and headed to the hostel for the night.

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