Dublin Day 2

The next morning Grace woke me up letting me know she was gonna go catch the train and for me to have a good day in Dublin. I immediately went back to sleep 🙂 Woke up an hour later ready to take on the big city. Since it was still 8am when I left the hostel I went for a cup of tea and a read of my book in a cute little cafe. Had the best liquorice-mint tea that left the perfect aftertaste in it. It was incredible. I then went across the street to the Old Jameson Whiskey Distillery. Had a little tour and got to see how some of the finest whiskey is made 🙂 I made my way by the waterfront to the Guinness Brewery. That was INCREDIBLE! The building itself is massive and the exhibits inside are set up so incredibly well that is just amazing. I started sneezing horribly when I walked onto the first level but that soon wore off thankfully enough. I hung out there for a bit and had a bite to eat then it was off to the wax museum! The wax museum was pretty neat. I learned quite a bit about a lot of the people who were active in setting up settlements in Ireland and how that all went about. I went over to Dublina where I got to learn all about the English Invasion, Black Death, and the closures of monasteries in 1540. Dublina was set up really cool and they had a lot of real actors and shows set up that you could watch. Dublina is connected to Christ Church so I went across this covered bridge connecting them and got to see Christ Church. It was one of the most incredible buildings I have ever been through in my entire life dating back to 1030. Every little nook and cranny had a piece of history tied into it. The crypt is the oldest ‘building’ in Ireland and the cathedral is just massive. After that I went across the street to tour the castle. This was pretty amazing. It has been modernized quite a bit which took away from some of the magnificence of it but it is still completely incredible. I always just imagine a bunch of people in armour or big flowing dresses walking up and down the staircases. I had some time before going to watch the choir at Christ Church Cathedral so I decided to have a walk around the City Centre. The main roads going through city centre are incredible!!!!! They have street performers, people telling jokes and playing music, and loads of stuff to see and do. I did some window shopping and listened to a group from Jamaica playing some music. I made my way back to the Cathedral to listen to the Choir. This choir is just downright amazing. They were the choir that sang Handles Messiah in Dublin in 1742 and have had a resounding rep. for being the best choir in Ireland. Listening to them was like listening to a choir of angels and I’m not even kidding. It honestly has to be the best choir I have ever heard.

I met five dear ladies who were sitting behind me. We got to chatting after the choir and I found out that 4 out of the 5 had been missionaries in their earlier years. We got to talk quite a bit and they invited me to tea. We went to a cute cafe near the train station (I was due to meet Grace soon enough) and we had the nicest talk. I just love meeting nice ladies here and there.

I met Grace at the train station with no time to spare so we ran from one bus stop to the next jumping on and off of trams, getting to the airport, racing through security, and just bearely got to our gate before it closed. It was pretty crazy and we were praying the entire time that we would not miss our flight. As much as I loved Dublin I would not have wanted to miss my flight and had to stay and extra day but I cannot imagine a more magestic city to have to be delayed in 🙂

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