Spain Day 1

So yesterday I arrived in Malaga greeted with intense sunshine. I was walking around in a tshirt and skirt the whole day! How bout that, it is 7 days til Christmas and I am in a skirt!!! (and not freezing that is). I got royally lost and walked around for about 5 hours before I found my hostel. I found the beach though, and it was beautiful. I am going to go swimming on my way back through. Arrived at my hostel late afternoon, it is the most interesting hostel ever. I walked in and this massive dog greeted me. He is a sheepdog but he is just enourmous. Then while I was checking in I heard a drum circle in the living room that was sort of constant until I checked out the next day. The hostel was just as if I was staying in somebodys house. The people there were all so fantastic and there was murals in every color of every thing you could ever imagine. I went out with a few of the people from the hostel to the Camerata Salzburg Salzburger Bachchor. It was an orchestra with a choir singing in the biggest cathedral I have ever seen. It is Malagas main cathedral. Absolutely Immense! I was just amazed by it the whole time. There were so many people there that we ended up sitting on the floor next to the wall BUT we were also just to the side of the orchestra so we got to have a pretty good view (I am working on that recital attendance even when on holiday!). Then we went back to the hostel for a birthday party of somebody who was there (I think he works there every now and then). Spanish birthdays are hilarious. Loads of singing and dancing. Then a Iranian, Australian, Barcelonian, and I went out to a few pubs around Malaga. We were pretty beat when we got back. Loved it though! I think I´m falling in love with Spain.

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