Spain Day 2

SO excitment in Spain awaited me little did I know. I was getting ready to leave Malaga which was amazing. I woke up and headed to the cave dwellings. They are the biggest cave dwellings in Europe. Honestly, it reminded me a lot of a trailer park in Alaska. Loads of couches that are mostly broken sitting around everywhere and tires. Everybodys entrances to their caves are made of broken beds, fences, and cabinets. It was still incredible seeing people living like that. They have no running water, electricity, or sewage….bleh! There was an unbelievable amount of dogs running around too. My friend CJ and I joked about how Grenada is separated by this one little stream. On one sideof it is all teh cats and the other side is all the dogs. It is pretty much true too 🙂 We hiked around the cave dwellings and over onto La Alhambra. An epic castle! I got a beautiful view of it from the back of the valley behind it that I hiked into. So I walked around town for a bit. Noticed that the streets are unbelivably little and hardly ever marked on a map. I went to the train station and asked for the next train going to Seville because I had heard that it was just beautiful. I got the ticket and then went to an internet site to look for a hostel. On the way to the train station I got 50 euroes taken off of me by a true-to-form pickpocketer. This left me with next to no money. I figured that since I had allready gotten the hostel it would not be a problem.

Got to Seville around 5 in the afternoon and started looking for the hostel. After a good hour and a half oflooking I finally came across it and started ringing the doorbell…ten minutes later and no answer I figured it must be closed down. Assumming that they close in the winter is the only answer that I can come up with. I thought it wouldn’t be too hard to find another hostel because most towns they are sort of all over the place. Turns out that Seville only had hostels upwards of 50 euroes. I started getting pretty worked up when 9 and 10 rolled around and it was dark and I was alone. I was pretty freaked out. I was asking everybody for directions and either nobody coudl speak english or they just didn’t care. I had been praying constantly for 5 hours just asking God to send somebody to me that could help me or that I would be able to find a hostel. I was also praying that God would tell somebody else to start praying for me. Turns out that my pastor back in my hometown just got a feeling right then to start praying for me, God is amazing. I was asking a guy on the street for directions and this random other guy starts talking to me in flawless American-accent English. He asks what I am doing, if I am lost, and if I would like him to show me to my hostel. I was so exausted, we, and tired, and desperate that I told him allright and he took me right there. It was probably a horrible idea to trust him but the combo of him speaking perfect english and me being exausted made it seem like a good idea. He ended up being a lifesaver for the next few days and a complete God-send.

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