Spain Day 4

Arian was the name of the boy that had helped me out the day before and he agreed to help me find my way to city center in the morning.He met me at my hostel in teh morning and walked me to his leather-booth that he worksfor his dad in this gigantic crafts fair. He showed me around the city a bit and gave me some breakfast that his grandparents had given him. I had allready made plans to go climbing in teh Sierra Nevadas with some people from my hostel so I met up with them and we went for a climb. It was perhaps the best climbing experience of my entire life. My first time climbing with belays and ropes and harnesses on rock. I would say it is the best place to learn too. The people I was with were quite good and they helped me out a lot.

We went back to Seville and I went to Arians leather-booth. He asked if I would mind watching it for a minute while he used the bathroom so I got to work a leather booth in Spain! THe leather work was all done by his dad and he did the painting. Some of the best leather work I have ever seen. Sold for absolutely nothing too. Arians grandparents came by and told me that I had to come to their house for Spanish dinner. I agreed and they told me when to come back to the booth. I went to look around seville. Got to see the cathedral and city center. I found out it is the biggest city center in Europe. It certinally is massive. Arian lent me his familys bike card which lets them rent the city bikes so I biked around for a bit. I also got to see a lot of street performers and a small parade going around the city center. I went back to the booth and met up with Arian and his grandparents and we headed to their flat. It was quite late when we got there. They had some mystery-soup and chicken, rice, and corn tortillas. THey also had loads of fruit and veggie dishes. It was a fantastic dinner with a traditional spanish family. even though I could not speak SPanish well and Arians grandparents spoke no english at all Arian translated when needed, I loved it!

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