Spain Day 5

This morning I woke up and met Arian to go to his leather-booth. Hung out there trying to chat to customers for a while then decided to take Seville by storm! I went to the bull ring, and the waterfront. When I was at the bullring there were a few other girls there and an elderly couple. There was a worker who was cleaning and askedif we would like to go inside the bullring. Of course we said yes and so he let us walk around when it was empty! He also said that we shoudln’t take pictures because he is not supposed to let anybody into the stadium and if the pictures were found then he could lose his job. I’m not sure if the consequences are that serious but regardless I did not take any pictures 😥 I really should havelooking back on it ugh, now I’m kicking myself for not 😦 I got to go by the waterfront and see some rowing teams. That was neat and gosh are they ever fast! Just four of them fly down the river.

After a relaxing morning I hopped on a bus and headed back to Malaga. I got here around 4 and started heading to my hostel. Showed up and found that a french guy who was here last time I had gone through was till here! So we had a nice chat. Went to go get free Spanish lessons at this certain school but it turned out that the spanish class was at a party and we couldn’t find it so I went swimming! It was awfully late and cold but I can now say I have swam in the mediterranian! Two days before Christmas that is! Tomorrow morning I fly out to Glasgow. I am excited to go back because Lauren and Ignas and I are making cookies before I go to Newcastle but I will be sad to leave Spain. Ahh, all good things must come to and end eh?

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