Trying to get home from Spain…

I woke up at 6am to start gettin got the airport. I had to walk a ways, take a bus to the train station then a train the the airport. We took off just in time and headed for Glasgow. We were just above Glasgow when the pilot came on and said there was too much snow to land so we landed at Prestwick to wait for “a half hour”. I sat at Prestwick for almost 3 hour…s trying to get to glasgow then had to stand in the rain sorting our soaking wet bags out on the taxiway THEN took the train into Glasgow where it got stuck a half mile down and we had to walk back to the airport where they got us busses. Was going down the carrigeway just fine, then we went off the road and turned on our side. sat in a freezing cold bus with a lady who had a broken arm, two kids, and tons of old people for two freakin hours. spent the next hour in the hospital.
My nice three hour journey turned into almost a 24 hour disaster. Ignas
and I made cookies and it made me feel loads better. Then he helped me pack for Newcastle. I am glad nobody else got seriously hurt but gosh it was a terrible flight.
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