Amsterdam airport…it was exciting for the first 3 hours, the remaining 5 that I have had to wait have been very very longggg…I have even lost excitement of people watchign because I’m so sleep deprived (due to not sleeping more than 1.5 hours in the last 39) that I cannot even look at faces clearly anymore. I should mention that there are only two other instances in my life that I remember where I was actually technically bored. There is not even carpet here to curl up and sleep! Their chairs are made of hard plastic. You can probably buy some for yourself just look in the “most uncomfortable plastic chair” section of your local grocer 😛 Andy and I got separate halfs of the airplane from Anchorage to Minneapolis and then from there to Amsterdam (a 9 hour flight btw) we have two different planes taking off 6 hours apart from eachother. Can I please here a LAMESAUCE!? So…I’m tired, hungry, and bored 😦 I would be more excited at the prospect of free wifi but…there isn’t any, I get a half hour to check facebook, email, and post this blog then they kick me off. Not to mention that netflix and my Gilmore girl resource do not play in Europe. Urg, only another 45 minutes before Andy shows up in his very own jet (complete with probably 200 other passengers…hehe) and we fly off to Edinburg!!! There is a huge pot of coffee that will be waiting with Andys mom upon our arrival. I can’t wait! I just want to not sit in these awful chairs anymore 🙂

On the major upside along with finally getting to Scotland in the near future we made orange juice ice cubes. Everybody should do this. It made me smile 😀

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