A wee post from the highlands :)

So Andy and I got married for the last and final time last Saturday. WHEW! Never having another wedding ever again! It was great fun and lots of laughs but I have never been as tired as I was Saturday night. Thank goodness we are done 🙂 This is now Wednesday and is the duration of our 3rd day in the highlands! We are staying at his parents cottage in Gairloch. At this very moment we are sitting in one of the coolest restaurants complete with beautiful seaside view out of the conservatory. This morning we had incredible pancakes, a good long run and then canoed around an island in the sea. After this fantastic latte we’re going to go cliff jumping!!! Whoop whoop! Best honeymoon ever!!! We did get stalked by 4 seals during our canoe and that was unnerving.

I have to remember that all animals in Scotland are not out to eat people unlike Alaska 😉 The last few days have been filled with walks along the beach, some hill walking, and cycling.


We’ve both really just needed rest. I think 4 consecutive days of sleeping 12 hours a night have helped a bit with that.

Our flat is a different story. Not quite so positive. The day before we left for our honeymoon we got a message saying that our flat had been flooded and that we would have to find a new place to stay. So we have been attempting to arrange viewings and peruse flats via internet borrowed from hotels around the area. Having no cell service at the cottage hasn’t helped much. We’re remembering that God has a plan and that if we didn’t get the flat we wanted it is because God just didn’t want us there and He has something better in mind for us. We have had to pray a lot through this entire ordeal. The visa issue is still there aswell. That has had to been given up to God completely and I think we have both finally gotten to that point. God will have the last say and even though one application has fallen through so far we know that God is watching us and loves us and has our best interest in mind. He always knows best and as long as we open ourselves to anything He will come up with the best plan. Until then we are just calling flat after flat and arranging meetings…just the thing you want to be doing on a honeymoon…not so much…:S

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