Cliff jumping to a sunken ship!

Yesterday we went cliff jumping next to a sunken ship that we swam over to. It was…exciting? BEtween thinking seaweed eats people and not being able to forget that sammy the seal and all his family was swimming in the same water as we were…I was very “excited” Is one way to put it. I jumped off the cliff first in order to show Andy how to do it (joke, his family does it all the time but he thought it was too cold so I had to show him how Alaskans jump in freezing water) then we braved the black water together to go to the sunken ship. Exciting times!

WE also went for a hike up into the mountains to a place called “the fairy lochs” and found a crashed WWII airplane! It was really neat and soo beautiful. We finished it off by collecting old broken fence posts and prepared an absolutely massive bonfire on the beach (to be used later).

After all of our arobic entertainment of jumping, swimming, climbing, and fence post collecting we went back to the cottage, got all dressed up and had a romantic candle lit steak dinner with “mood music”. We left the dishes unwashed and went straight to the beach where we lit off the bonfire and watched the sunset (we would have eaten cake but somebody’s cute 3 month old puppy came up and ate it! hehe). It was absolutely amazing. What a good end to the day.

Today is back to book reading, sun soaking, and flat hunting (boo on the flat hunting). It would be great to know where we are living next week but hey, all in Gods timing right? Yeah, we’re just gonna keep working away at it and hopefully God will bring one about for us. Keep praying! 🙂

Tomorrow we are off the the Isle of Skye (supposedly the most beautiful place in Scotland, wikipedia it!) for some swimming, hiking, making fires, and two nights of camping. Should be fun times.

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