I don’t like visas much

RAINBOWS ARE AWESOME! AND VISAS ARE KRAP! God gave a rainbow to Noah as a promise. I don’t think that was where God stops with showing promises in the forms of rainbows. When Andy and I were talking about being engaged and we were asking God to give us clarity to ensure we were not throwing away a lot of potential. I am learning that God does not work with potential but calls people to him and trains them when they are willing. Andy and I were sitting and talking and all of a sudden saw a rainbow. At one point we were trying to decide on a flat to live in and after hundreds of phone calls and figuring that we were never going to have a place to live we walked by a wall mural with…a rainbow painted over it. Another time when we were split up on flights coming over here and worried sick that I wouldn’t get through the border we were graced with a rainbow below the airplane. I later got let through the border. Yesterday my visa ran into another glitch. I think we have both jointly just felt like this is getting quite ridiculous. I cannot believe how difficult this is and it feels like we just get shot to the ground every time we attempt to get it again. I do not understand why it is so difficult to get something so simple. We plain just don’t know what to do now. Many thoughts and words were thrown around. We just remember that God is watching over us and provides. He will not leave us hanging.

There are cool things happening though! We made some friends!!! We went to a church last week and met a couple that are just awesome! Scott and Monica have totally taken us under their wing and taken us in as friends. They are in their 2nd year of marriage, a loving and wise couple, Scott is an asst. pastor in Re:Hope (the church we went to last week). I have met up with Monica a few times and Andy has met up with Scott a few times. I think we have a few good friends that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. I’m missing my Radiant Community Group girls quite a bit but God provides and we have friends! 🙂

I have also hung out a big with my lovely roommate from my exchange year. She is the most dear girl and has provided us with an endless supply of Dr.Who, loads of films, gluten free cookies, chocolate, flowers, and many other treats. She is amazing. It is so nice to have a girlfriend that is still open to hanging out all the time.

So tomorrow Andy starts classes again for the first time in 4 months. We’ll see how that goes 😉

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