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Malta Day 4

Early early early again! We decided to spend our last day enjoying the crazy wind that was blowing malta across the Mediterranean sea. It was really exciting! We went up to the gardens and watched across the bay at the fortified walls getting beat down by the huge waves.


We walked around the city a bit more enjoying the random British sentiments and the Italian and African influence along with a bit of pure Maltese tradition. We also got to tour the official house for their rulers. It was HUGE!

It was really fun just to sit around relaxing. oh, and we found cats….lots and lots of them. They were very cute and we took many many pictures of them. I have one of me chasing Charlie around. We used to be friends but he doesn’t like me anymore 😦

We got some pictures of Dunkas pool that I’m fairly certain that it was harboring rare disease.

So the last day was lovely enjoyable time together undistracted then we hopped on the plane and flew back to Glasgow. What a good holiday!!!

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Malta Day 3

We slept in until 8am…I cannot believe I can say that! We packed up our swim suits, some lunch, and loads of water. All prepared, we hopped on the bus up to the top of the island where we could catch a ferry over to the island of Comino. We arrived at the blue lagoon just in time for lunch. We walked around the entire island in close to an hour.

We stopped off at a gunning tower. Each level was quite tall and they used to use rope ladders rather than the very steep stairs that are there now.


We walked along the cliffs back to the blue lagoon and completed our walk around the island.

We found the water absolutely amazing and played in the waves in the Blue Lagoon for a couple of hours before the boat came to give us a lift back to Malta.

On the bus ride from the top of Malta to the bottom I got to sit down next to an old Malteeser 😛 Lol, She grew up in Malta and was 80-something. So she has gone through a ton of history complete with the bombing raids that went on almost daily for years. She was really interesting to talk to and every time we went past some of her favorite spots or historical places she would tell me all about them 🙂 What a nice lady. By the time that we were done with our bus ride the waves have gotten so big and the storm so strong that the waves were coming up onto the road! The lady we met said it rarely is that drastic. The entire night we listened to the thunder and watched the lightning. It was really exciting. I love tropical storms!!!

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Malta Day 2

We started our morning at 7am!!! We thought it was 8am which is still terribly early but with the time change we started far too early. BEFORE THE SUN ROSE!!! We walked all along the port for about an hour making our way back to Valetta which is the capital city/oldest city.

We meandered around until we found the city gates where we could enter into the old city. It was incredible with the fortified walls and everything. It was quite odd with all the British influence. We got to see a video about the history of Malta about various countries attempting to takeover the island. So when we were walking around the city seeing the cannons

and the gardens we could envision everything happening right before our eyes. We even got to experience the Maltese horse drawn carriages

which are quite popular there. While we were walking through the city center we wandered across the changing of the guard and so we got to hear an incredible marching band and see all the military guys marching around with swords and bayonets

After we had seen most of the city we chilled out on benches enjoying the incredible sun. We finished our day about 8pm when we were completely exhausted from a full day in the sun 🙂

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Malta Day 1

Finding the hostel:

Got to Malta, got a bus into Valetta Bus Station and followed the directions just as our hostel (Dunkas House) website told us to. So we get onto a crowded bus and a lady came up to us and asked if we were on the right bus. She said the bus numbers had changed and that she thought we were on the wrong bus. We are not sure how she could have known that we were on the wrong bus but we do know for sure that God was watching out for us 🙂 So the lady got off and showed us the correct bus. We hopped on the bus and watched for the KFC that the directions told us to get off. So we got off at KFC and started walking, took the first left and found a church as the directions told us to look out for. The hostel was meant to be across the street…and with our deductive skills we quickly realized that the hostel was definitely not there. So this random guy stopped us on the street asking if we were lost. He had no idea that there was even a hostel anywhere around there.

So he took us to a bar where we met up with his two other friends and the lady who ran the bar…it was basically the sort of place that every tv show attempts to duplicate but never comes close. The banter is magnificent!So basically this guy bought us drinks while his friends tried to figure out where Dunkas House was. They finally ended up calling us a cab and we were in totally in the wrong place because the directions were archaic and very inaccurate

. It was hilarious hanging out at this bar with these random strangers who were so kind to us. Once again, God was keeping his eye on us. We finally made it to Dunkas house and were greeted by a girl in pajamas who showed us our room complete with plywood door and bed with sheet…that’s basically it 😛 The girl was friendly and we got such a good night sleep after traveling.

Fun times 🙂

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Malta for the weekend?

So the biggest even that has happened in the last 24 hours: INTERNET! Finally! So we have taken full advantage of it and booked a trip to Malta!!! It is an island halfway between Italy and Africa. We were able to get cheap flights, a place to stay called Dunka Guest House. The advertisement went something like this “Whats life if we cant party?
Dunkahaus is brought about by Dunka, a young sailor who loves to go out clubbing and have a great time together with dunkahaus Guests of course!” Soooo I think it will be a place to remember. There is a beautiful view from the guest house that you can view to the right 🙂

It is going to be about 75-80F while we are there so I am bringing my bathing suit! We are going to visit forts and lay on the beach and enjoy the fact that we have 3 full days in an incredibly sunny and wonderfully incredible place. MALTA HERE WE COME!!!

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