Malta Day 2

We started our morning at 7am!!! We thought it was 8am which is still terribly early but with the time change we started far too early. BEFORE THE SUN ROSE!!! We walked all along the port for about an hour making our way back to Valetta which is the capital city/oldest city.

We meandered around until we found the city gates where we could enter into the old city. It was incredible with the fortified walls and everything. It was quite odd with all the British influence. We got to see a video about the history of Malta about various countries attempting to takeover the island. So when we were walking around the city seeing the cannons

and the gardens we could envision everything happening right before our eyes. We even got to experience the Maltese horse drawn carriages

which are quite popular there. While we were walking through the city center we wandered across the changing of the guard and so we got to hear an incredible marching band and see all the military guys marching around with swords and bayonets

After we had seen most of the city we chilled out on benches enjoying the incredible sun. We finished our day about 8pm when we were completely exhausted from a full day in the sun đŸ™‚

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