Malta Day 3

We slept in until 8am…I cannot believe I can say that! We packed up our swim suits, some lunch, and loads of water. All prepared, we hopped on the bus up to the top of the island where we could catch a ferry over to the island of Comino. We arrived at the blue lagoon just in time for lunch. We walked around the entire island in close to an hour.

We stopped off at a gunning tower. Each level was quite tall and they used to use rope ladders rather than the very steep stairs that are there now.


We walked along the cliffs back to the blue lagoon and completed our walk around the island.

We found the water absolutely amazing and played in the waves in the Blue Lagoon for a couple of hours before the boat came to give us a lift back to Malta.

On the bus ride from the top of Malta to the bottom I got to sit down next to an old Malteeser 😛 Lol, She grew up in Malta and was 80-something. So she has gone through a ton of history complete with the bombing raids that went on almost daily for years. She was really interesting to talk to and every time we went past some of her favorite spots or historical places she would tell me all about them 🙂 What a nice lady. By the time that we were done with our bus ride the waves have gotten so big and the storm so strong that the waves were coming up onto the road! The lady we met said it rarely is that drastic. The entire night we listened to the thunder and watched the lightning. It was really exciting. I love tropical storms!!!

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