I’m going to have to learn to be married long distance for a few months…

So the morning of my 21st birthday I got a phone call from our lawyer who is helping Andy and I acquire a visa for me to be able to live in the same country as my dear husband. The very changing news that we received was that I have to be in Alaska while I apply for my visa. This could take up to 3 months 😦 So in the next few days I have to buy a very expensive last minute ticket back to Alaska and head back alone to begin the application process. Andy will be able to come over for 10 days during Christmas and new years which is a huge blessing. This also means that we will have to change my return ticket. So not only is it extremely expensive for the tickets, visa, and paying off our lawyer fees but we also will have to spend a few months apart. My poor husband is going to have to live on his own for the first time in his life. So that will probably be quite hard for him to get used to aswel. Not exactly the easiest news to swallow particularly on my 21st birthday :S

The biggest comfort in all of this is that I know that God is looking out for us and He cares more about our marriage than we even do. God will always provide for all of our needs. This includes money, friends, and a place to live. It is not going to be easy to be apart and being married long-distance for a few months will be quite hard to deal with. We dated long-distance for 13 months and we survived that and we know that God will not give us anything more than what we can handle. We are hoping to learn better communication and build more friendships during our time apart. At least I get to go home to Alaska during our time apart. It is an absolutely wonderful place. So um…Alaska here I come?

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