Dundee Day 5-6

Shepherds, angels, innkeeper, mary, joseph, and some wise guys 😛 The nativity at CBC was absolutely hilarious. The kids all mimed a recorded play so the kids were free to focus on their acting. If you could look past the shepherd who kept putting his crook around his neck, the angel with her wand up her nose, and the wise men who almost fell off the stage it was a very well done play. Complete with a dance party in the stable 🙂 We got home and were having a nice relaxed sunday-lunch when Linda asked us if we had our passports…such an obvious question that she almost didn’t mention it…we didn’t. We had been so busy getting ready to go to Dundee that we totally forgot that we were going from Dundee to Alaska…meaning the UK to the USA…you need passports to do that apparently 😛 So Andy was a gent and spent his afternoon on a train going back to Glasgow just to get our passports. What a good guy.

While he was away I went to a frozen lake with Mike, Linda, and Tom. The almost-visa-fiasco was just about too exciting for us. Just thinking about what would have happened if we hadn’t remembered before going to the airport :s So that made Monday much more relaxed when we realized there was nothing else vital that we hadn’t forgotten 🙂 Monday was spent packing and just general hanging out. It was pouring down rain so it made it feel better staying inside with the first day not having sun. Off to Alaska on Tuesday morning!!!

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