The beginning of our Alaskan Adventure!

Traveling in Alaska is never boring…NEVER! We got to Glenallen about 4pm very excited about getting home in time for dinner. We start leaving town and see a sign saying Thompson pass is closed. This happens every now and then when avalanches are prevalent or if there has already been one down and they are clearing it out. So this was one of those instances 😦 We went out for dinner at the Caribou, a restaurant in Glenallen…the only restaurant in Glenallen 🙂 We met up with a few friends there who were in the same situation as we were. After a few hours we heard the pass was opened and we were able to drive all the way to Valdez!

We got to Valdez and Andy was surprised at how much snow there actually is here…that is putting it lightly. He was more astounded 😀 There was about 5 or 6 feet of snow on the ground and the last few days it has been snowing constantly!

We have made the most out of the snow and all put on snowshoes to collected our Christmas tree 🙂 It has just been snowing and snowing and snowing. I have grown up in this little crazy town and still am amazed with the amount of snow we get every year! Andy learned what a

snowblower was and has throughly enjoyed it 🙂
Our house finally looks all Christmas-ified with the tree in it. We decorated a gingerbread house today, went christmas caroling, and played in the snow for a few hours. I’m feeling the Christmas feeling 🙂

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