A wee trip through Chicago :)

The last day in Alaska was an absolutely wonderful one. After weeks of constant snow it finally cleared into a wonderful winter day with blue skies and no wind. No problem to fly out that night. We got my dad and the kiddos and went for a good long ski. Dad and I took Andy and the kids through all the hardest ski trails in Valdez. Including Skyline, Roller coaster, The Knoll and Otter Hill. They did so incredible! No complaining or anything 🙂 We spent the rest of the day packing and saying goodbye. When we got into the car to drive ten minutes to the airport. During the drive the wind was picking up and the snow started coming down…it didn’t look good. We got to the airport and found out that there would be a delay in the plane landing due to weather. Later on we found out there was only a half mile of visibility…the flight later got cancelled 😦 We went over to Grant Aviation and got to be 4th on the standby list. We waited around a few hours trying to decide if we should drive Andy to Anchorage and just let me miss my flight, book a new one and possibly get to Scotland a few days late or to keep waiting. Considering we still did not even have a seat on the potential plane that may or may not even make it into Valdez (or back out again). We talked to some of the other passengers and with the help of the ticket agent (and some vouchers to stay in a hotel complete with personal hot tub) we convinced some people to give us their seats and they could get the flight in the morning. Long story short…we got the plane out and right after we took off Valdez got socked in right after we took off. Sprinted from Grant aviation to Alaska airlines and made my flight with not ten minutes to spare 🙂

The flight to Chicago was fine, didn’t sleep much but that’s ok. Landed in Chicago and went into town. Amazed at the huge buildings, great architecture and artsy sculptures I wandered all over the city. Went up the sears tower, to the Navy Pier, down the Magnificent Mile aka Minnesota Ave. and even got to go over to Moody Bible Institute and go on a tour through the campus and museum. I even got to see the giant silver jelly bean!!! I had no idea where it was or how cool it is!

So the trip to Chicago was a success!!! Best layover I have ever had 🙂

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