Back home in Glasgow and a trip to Dundee

So we have been back in Glasgow for three weeks! Andy’s exams have come and gone. He did exceptionally well even considering the fun that we had over Christmas break 🙂 Andy did fantastic. We spend his weekend off going to a Student Life meeting, hanging out at our friends flat playing games, eating food and generally enjoying a weekend of absolutely no uni. responsibility 🙂 Sunday was spent with a couple from our church who have a little 1 year old boy who is just one of the cutest little guys. Gerber baby anybody? Blue eyes, blond hair, and the cutest clothes. It was a wonderful weekend but not exactly relaxing :S

First week back at uni. was much harder than Andy had expected. We decided a trip to Dundee to see Andy’s mom and dad was in order. So friday afternoon we got on a bus and headed to our Dundee home 🙂 It was so nice being back in Dundee for a wee bit.

We went to a burns night ceiledh out at Teen Ranch. A Christian kids camp that David (Andy’s bro) works at. There was tea, coffee, drinks, an amazing fireworks display. We had such a fun night!  Saturday morning we left nice and early (9:45am to leave by 10am…) and headed up to Glenshee with the Hayes family to go snowboarding. I quite enjoyed snowboarding again (this is year 7 for me)but Andy did not exactly pick it up right away so we switched to skis. I was so excited to be skiing again since I haven’t downhill skied since I was 14. Andy caught on so fast probably because he could cross country ski in Alaska like a pro! We had so much fun skiing and the weather was beautiful!!! What a

wonderful day adventuring around. That night we were all quite tired so we went home and chilled out together. Sunday we headed back home after church. We are enjoying being back in our home together. We have such a wonderful flat to be at home in. I also have such a wonderful husband to be at home with 🙂 


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