Budapest anybody? With a wee side-trip to Amsterdam?

Because of the lack of border control in Edinburg when I came across last month Andy and I have been “forced” to schedule a mandatory trip outside the UK within 3 months of my landing UK-side.

So we started throwing around destinations trying to decide where in Europe we wanted to go. We narrowed down our options down to Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin or Budapest. Being the students we are with um…zero income we picked the cheapest flight+hotel package on easyjet. So come April we’ll be heading off to Budapest!!!









It has claimed to be one of the best tourist destinations in Eastern Europe particularly because of their fantastic spas 🙂 We are looking forward to a much needed relaxing time spa-ing it up! I am also pretty sure that the Hotel Flamenco will be much better than Dunkas garage where we stayed in Malta 😛

When we looked at our flight schedule we realized that we would have en entire days layover in Amsterdam! What a nice surprise!!! So we get to go to one of our desired locations for no extra cost! Not much time to do anything other than walk around, get a few meals, and see the sights of Amsterdam 😀 A wonderful wee holiday and yet another adventure for the Hayes family!!!

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