I don’t speak Scottish…yet

We have an absolutely horrendous boiler. It breaks all the time. We have to relight it every other time we use it. The hot water only works on occasion and it is so old there are actually no parts for it when it breaks. Sometimes we will be mid-shower and the hot water will go cold and we can’t get it warm again 😦  So today we had Scottish gas men come over for the 4th time to tell us that it is ancient and breaking so that we can in turn tell our land lady she REALLY REALLY REALLY needs to get a new one. When they came through the door they were bickering about something or another; I had no idea what they were saying. I soon figured out that they were indeed speaking english (scottish) but I am not yet skilled in that language to keep up with their quick conversation. So…then they started talking to me…it was ok when I was just telling them about what was actually wrong with the boiler but then they started asking me questions that required a response. Such as “where is your gas meter?” OR “is the boiler the only thing that runs off of gas?” OR “is there a carbon monoxide alarm in here?” All of which I had to ask a minimum of three times for them to repeat what they were saying then guess and hope that I had guessed the right answer. It was slightly embarrassing, slightly frustrating but mostly absolutely hilarious simply because the Scottish and English language are more or less distant cousins on the Language scale 😀 Anyways, from here on out I have decided to attempt avoiding communicating with the gas man so I have resorted to watching the OC with my cup of hot chocolate in the living room hoping he doesn’t ask me any more important questions….. :S

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