London and back!

This last weekend Andy and I got to go down to London for a Fireseeds Conference put on by Agape. Agape runs the society Student Life that I am involved with at Glasgow and Strathclyde Uni. So we got to Buchannan Bus Station at noon we and began our treck down to London. After a train, bus, plane, train, underground, and a wee walk we finally got to the church that we were renting for the weekend. We had some food, met a few of Andys friends from his Middle East trip last year and saw some people that I had met two years ago at the last Fireseeds. So good times with old and new friends! 

The next day and a half was filled with speakers, food, pubs, and lots of walking. The main speaker talked about Paul and how spent most of his time persecuting Christians, met God through a pretty incredible experience (Acts chapter 9 in the Bible for anybody who wants to read it for yourself), then realized what God was all about . How God is not a rule making/enforcing God and He is not a God who expects us to be perfect at all but He is a God of love who sent His son to die on the cross then rise again as a gift to us so we can spend eternity with Him and spend our life working and living for God. Trying to live a life being available to God for Him to guide your actions. If you have questions about any of this you can email me at So it was a good series of talks. I learned a lot.

Then we went around London on Sunday! We went to St. Pauls Cathedral and saw the Occupy London setup which just looked like a heap of rubbish. Walked along the river enjoying the roasted peanuts, carousels, and people dressed up in ridiculous costumes. After that we went to the parliament building and saw Big Ben. Last time I was in London I was quite surprised at how small it was but going back I think it has grown a bit 😛 Walked along a park and went over to Buckingham Palace. We then had to call it a day and went over to Victoria station to get the express out to Gatwick Airport. It was an uneventful trip back home thankfully enough. I heard tell that Andy’s cousin had gone to London the week before but due to snow couldn’t get the train out and had to take a taxi which cost a whopping 95 pounds!!! Terrible if you ask me.
So monday was definitely  spent recovering from the trip.  Quite exhausted from the trip and my knees and feet didn’t hold up too well from the walking. It’s thursday night now and my feet/knees are still pretty sore but it was really great being able to see the city. I’m looking forward to next year!

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