Off to Budapest!!!

So we are packed and sitting on a couch in Starbucks drinking some Americanos and watching the OC. Well…Andy’s studying and I’m watching the OC 😛 Better off to make the trip off on a good foot working hard  🙂 
We woke up early this morning in order to eat a giant pile of pancakes, pack, tidy up the flat a bit, print off a few flight itineraries, and hide all of our valuables 😛 We got done with all of our mini jobs so quickly that we decided to head out an hour early to prevent running late. We (Andy) hauled all of our belongings down to the train station and we proceeded to get stuck in the orange parade which was all too exciting. So many orange men playing mini-flutes! We (Andy) struggled up to the library where we printed off a few documents then caught the bus to the airport….2 full hours before we could even check in! 

Thus….we are sitting in Starbucks. I’m so so so thankful that we have free internet (thanks to this wonderful coffee company) and an outlet so my computer doesn’t run it’s battery down 🙂 Not to mention now we are very much not rushed and can actually relax 😀 

I’m so excited to get on a plane and head out to Amsterdam where we’ll chill for a few hours then off to Budapest!!!!!

Can’t wait 😀


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