Budapest Day 2: Cave churches, forts on hills, and other randomness

What a relaxing day! We managed to be up by 8am again and started the day out with some coffee and a bit of Bible reading. Headed to the gym, pool, and laid down in the sauna. Then we took some showers and ate breakfast. It was now 11am. 3 of the most relaxing and enjoyable hours of my week 🙂

We spent the remainder of the day walking around the cave church and the fort right near the Danube.

The sun was incredible and it was so lovely and warm 🙂 After a good long day of walking around the paths and looking at all the monuments we headed off to a romantic dinner…at McDonalds 😛 When you’re allergic to gluten in a country that has no idea what gluten is, eating out gets tricky so we went with the old standby 🙂 Which also means many  picnics on our bed of slightly random food. We both enjoyed it and that’s what counts. So this evening is going to be spent with some more studying, reading, card playing, saunas, pools, gym, food, and a film. What an incredibly wonderful day!!!

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4 thoughts on “Budapest Day 2: Cave churches, forts on hills, and other randomness

  1. D: you’re allergic to gluten?! I think we’ve a couple of bags of gluten-free pasta lying about which can be donated to the good cause of eating food!

  2. That one of you guys posing is…amazing! And I’m glad it was sunny and you could go to the outdoor spas.

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