Budapest Day 1 SPA DAYYYYYY!!!!!!!

This morning we woke up about 8am. The time of awakening I did not realize at the time. I was excited to start the day and didn’t want to sleep it by so I got up and got showered, ready to head out on the town of Budapest! Andy got ready and we set out…then remembered we forgot the map…then we left again and realized we should have brought some snacks for the day…then we got a little ways out and realized it was really really cold…then tried to leave once again and got all the way to the tram stop and realized it was really really cold and we should really get some warmer clothes πŸ˜€ Then I realized it was only 9:15!!!! We got up soooo early.

So we decided the best plan of action was just to go find a spa and relax a bit. So we headed from Buda (where we are staying) across the river to Pest. We found a super cool Hungarian market filled with leather bags, whistling cups, pottery, flowers, food shops, and much much more. After a wee walk around there we got on the subway to Szechenyi Spa. It was gorgeous and yellow and warm and lovely. We spent many hours sitting in the warm pools getting all sorts of minerals soaked into our skins πŸ™‚

Such a relaxing day! We headed home, did some food shopping, and spent the evening studying, reading, playing cards, going to the gym, and reading in the sauna πŸ™‚ Good end to a wonderful first day in Hungary!!!

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