Day 3 Gallert Spa and Jonny Chin!

Today was another spa day…that’s basically it 🙂 We woke up and had a very relaxed morning

then it was off to Gallert Spa. I have to say that I got the full and complete spa experience…no holding back. I can sum it up in three words. Naked Old People. They split the men and women up and apparently there is no shame in being naked in Europe. Because as I noticed, nobody had any shame in the least. It was quite cool imagining kings and queens and huns walking around the spa areas in their robes and such. Eating fancy foods and musicians playing dulcimers and violins 🙂 The building is absolutely incredible. After a wee while we found an outdoor pool and proceeded to sit in the pool for over 3 hours straight relaxing and reading books in the water. We got quite a lot of sun I have to say 😀

After that we headed off to meet up with Jonny Chin! Our lovely Canadian friend who was traveling through Hungary during

his year exchange in Sweden. We had a wee walk along the front of the parliament building and a drink in a very very very cute coffee shop. It was tons of fun. An evening walk along the Danube and then it was back to the hotel and straight to bed! Yet another good day in Hungary 🙂

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