Day 4: A day at Buda Castle!

We woke up and got straight to packing in order to get the most out of our last day on holiday. First things first though, we headed back to the market to pick up some cool wee things for our families and a few postcards for friends who had sent some to us (p.s. If you send me a postcard I’ll send you one back!). That was quite fun, the market is always a good laugh. Had a wee coffee then trooped back across the river to Buda Castle.

 There is a really cool tram that goes straight from the river to the castle. Overpriced as most ‘touristy’ things are we hiked up the hill for free 🙂 

The view from the castle was to die for. And the village that is on top of the hill was so cute and really sunny. There were so many things going on that just put you right back a few hundred years ago. Even down to a hammer dulcimer, double bass player, and violin player that would serenade you while you ate dinner! It was quite a surreal place 🙂

We walked back across the river and visited St.Stephens Basilica which was astonishingly huge. The 2nd most ornate church next to the Duamo in Milan, Italy. The intricate work of the murals inside was incredible. We wandered around there for a wee while, got a cup of coffee and headed home.


So we got back to the hotel, did some packing and tidied up the place.  Then we got a visit from Johnny Chin!He came over to sit in the sauna and play in the pool. We had such a fun night. Best way to end a holiday 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Day 4: A day at Buda Castle!

  1. Nancy Fisher

    Great pictures……..Looks like you had a amazing time. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I miss you two so much!! I’m also writing about my trip on my blog and was reminded of you two. See you again maybe in South America next time!

    • Haha! No joke, we just might see you there 😉 I didn’t know you had a blog. I’m gonna have a wee cheeky look at it 🙂

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