Amsterdam :)

We were up by 1am this morning. Got to the airport and on the plane no probs. Arrived in Amsterdam by 8am. Got into town by 9. We had 5 hours to tour around and get a feel for the place. We decided to start at Anne Franks house. The line to get in was so long we almost turned around. Good thing we didn’t! It was such a cool experience. Seeing where she wrote in her journal, where the secret bookcase was, her actual diary, and interviews with her best friend and dad. It was quite a moving museum. I’m so glad I went. It also gave me a bigger understanding for the Holocaust and how it effected people individually and particular countries. Plus I got to see Anne Franks house which I knew about since I was wee but never dreamed I would be able to walk around inside!

After Anne Franks house we walked across town to see a few more buildings and monuments. Walking along the canals and seeing the hordes of bicycles was fun in itself! We wandered back to Central Station, got on the train and got ourselves back to the airport. Getting on a plane to go home!

It’s been such an incredible holiday. Loads of fun and exciting times. Tons of laughs. Got to see Johnny Chin. Acquired an amazing tan. Looking forward to being home. Looking forward to our next adventure!  

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2 thoughts on “Amsterdam :)

  1. I am so jealous that you were in Anne Franks secret house!!! I sure hope you took pictures while you were in there. I would love to see them. I am so glad that you two had a nice relaxing vacation.

    • You’re actually not allowed to take any pictures while you’re inside the house. They take security in there sooo seriously! Even making ppl wear backpacks on their front! But we got a cool little booklet with pictures. Such an amazing house/story! Never dreamed I would get to see it!

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