Sooo SURPRISE!…we’re moving to London!!!

A land of museums, double decker buses, a giant ferris wheel, and more telephone boxes than you can count.

So here’s the story: 5 months ago Andy and I prayed for 1,500 pounds so we could spend Christmas together in Alaska. God used BP to bless us with the exact amount for the plane ticket plus Andy got put onto the scholarship program. Andy’s advisor suggested him to consider applying for a year-long internship with BP since we’ll be in Alaska during summers and he’s not able to have internships during the summer. So we tried applying but it wasn’t working, tried sending off emails but didn’t hear anything back. Eventually we both forgot about it.

Fast forward 2 months. Andy’s in the Student Union and sees a lady working for BP handing out free water bottles. He went up to her and asked if the year internship was still available. IT WAS! But…the application was due THE NEXT DAY! Ahhh, so we prayed decided there’s no harm in applying. So Andy spent 5 hours working through an application. The next week they got back to us saying Andy needed to do an online test as the next stage of applying. A few days after that they were asking Andy to fly down to London for an interview.

So 8 weeks ago Andy got on a plane and flew down to London for the day. First interview wearing a suit and everything! They said he would hear back in a weeks time. So one week went by…then another…Andy sent off an email…another week goes by…Andy gives them a ring and they don’t say much other than they’re still deciding. The longer it went on the more certain that Andy would probably get the job. Why else would they be taking so long? The next week passes and Andy got a phone call saying he didn’t get the job 😦

We were disappointed but still excited at what the next year would hold for us in Glasgow. Last week we were on holiday in Budapest when we got a phone call from BP, saying somebody dropped out and they wanted Andy to take the job!!! HUZAAH! We prayed a bit but already figured it was meant to be. After being quite excited about it we had already talked it through at great length. There are so many reasons that it is just a good decision. So exciting! Andy sent off an email saying he would take it but wanted to confirm it started in September. They messaged back saying it started in July. Obviously, we’re going to be in Alaska during July hopefully acquiring my VISA. That was so disappointing since there were so many times that we thought we were going to get the job. There has just been a bit too much uncertainty in our life. Just too many things that are question marks and not for sure or definitely not. It was a long weekend with friday and monday off so we had 4 days to sit around waiting for BP to make up their minds.

Then we got a phone call a few days back saying since Andy would be working under one particular engineer during the year that the start date might be flexible. We tried to not get our hopes up too terribly much seeing the job has already been given and taken away a few times. But today we got a ring from BP in London saying that it wouldn’t’ be a problem and they want him starting September 17th!!!

So there we go. We’re moving to London! Answer to prayer if you ask me! God likes us so much. Andy will be able to get work experience,we’ll have an income for a year to take some of the pressure and VISA expenses off our backs, AND we get to move to London for a year!!! Even if we decide we hate it it’s only for a year. But I think we’ll quite enjoy it. We’ll get to see all of London bit by bit. We get to take some holidays around England in places that are a bit too far to get to from Scotland. We get to make new friends, go to a new church, I’ll be able to work part-time in a twee shop, coffee shop, or book shop. Whatever, I’m not really picky. Just to have an exciting experience in London together. A new house and a new city.

I can’t wait. In case you can’t tell I’m very very very excited 😀


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5 thoughts on “Sooo SURPRISE!…we’re moving to London!!!

  1. Peter Bamikole

    NICE! So I guess that was that interview he left for! Glad to share in your joy, Hayes’.
    Enjoy London!

  2. Oh, wow! That is a surprise! I’m excited for you guys, hope all your preparation goes well. London is a great place for exploring England from – you can get a train to anywhere from there, and it’s actually only a couple of hours from the sea still. Ruth and Josh are moving down there too this year so you’ll have some familiar faces nearby if you need it. God is good 😀

  3. Grace

    So excited for you! It does sound like a perfectly orchestrated plan, and I’m sure you’ll have a great time! Good luck with visa things, and have a great time! =)

  4. Beverly

    Yay! So happy for you guys. I’m sure it will be a wonderful experience for you both. Although Re:Hope isn’t there, there are some other good ones close by. Enjoy!

    • We will be asking around and researching trying to find a good church before we get there so hopefully it won’t take long to get locked in 🙂 Also we’re just remembering, Re:Hop will be there when we get back 🙂

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