A few days around Glasgow with my Alaskan Kathleen :)

ImageSo the last two days have been spent meandering about Glasgow doing touristy things and taking loads and loads of photos 🙂

Sooo…jet lag is a real thing…judging by Kathleens ability to stay up until5am and her resistance to get up before 11am but we’ve managed to do loads of fun things in only two day. Thus far we have gone around Buchannan street,  the lighthouse,  Glasgow University,  and Kelvingrove Museum. It’s been loads of fun having her here. Just being able to hang out and not have it be over skype! Catching up on things from home is always lovely. 

The first two days she was here it was lovely and sunny but today we experienced Glasgow’s  rainy side. The periods of pouring rain were separated with spurts of light rain. So yes, Kathleen is getting the full Scotland experience 😛

Today we had some laughs at the Kelvingrove museum looking mostly at the animal exhibit. Anybody who knows Kathleen even a wee bit will know why that was 😉 And playing with the childrens exhibits. Anybody who knows Andy, Kathleen, or myself even a wee bit will know why that was 😉 Then we headed up to Glasgow University to have a wizard battle and walk around the quad to get a feel of a 500+ year old university. It was quite cool despite the drizzly weather 😀 What a fun first few days! Tons of fun times to come !!!

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