Gairloch: A LAND OF SUN!!!!!

We were up by 8am and on the road by 9am. Record time in my book. On the drive up we stopped at wee waterfall and Andy even had a wee swim with Sam (the dog)! After arriving in Gairloch we we immediately went down to the beach. Had a look in some tide pools then Andy and Kathleen went swimming in the sea!!!!!! What fun. Something you probably don’t do often in scotland. That evening we rounded off the night with a bit of food, some tea, and House 🙂
The next morning we started the day with Insanity! A good workout to start your day out well. Linda, Kathleen, and I pushed through it together. From there we went to the Badachroe and went canoeing around an island then hung out around the Badachroe petting some 8 week old puppies 🙂 After that we headed back to the cottage for some lunch then it was off to the beach! Kathleen and I immediately hopped into the sea. It may have made us completely numb and taken our breath away but we had fun! It was a good time. Linda brought down some boogie boards and Andy came with ready to jump into the sea with us. It was quite cold but the sun made up for it 🙂 we spent the remainder of the day laying in the sun working on our tan. It was an absolutely incredible day. Temperatures soaring above 80 degrees! We loved it so much. 

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