Piping festivals, castles, and the heberdies

ImageSo the last few days have been an absolute blur. We are currently in Gairloch just across from the Isle of Skye. I can actually see the Heberdies outside the window right now! The last few days in Glasgow were full to say the least. We made it out to Loch Lommond on Saturday but not before stopping in Dumbarton and going to the Scottish National Piping Festival! We didn’t even know about it until the train conductor mentioned it to us once she realized we were from Alaska and nowhere near here (Don’t know how she figured that one out..) 😛

The piping festival was fantastic! We saw many kilted men 🙂 The music was great and the festival was extremely fun. When we had gotten off the train we saw a giant rock with walls on it that looked AWESOME so we decided we had to go to it and climb up it. Turned out it was actually Dumbarton Castle! So we climbed 587 stairs that were in the castle but didn’t exactly climb the rock. Apparently it has the 2nd hardest climb in the world at that rock. If you doubt that fact you can ask Richard because he told me so 😉 We had a great time at the castle. Had lunch overlooking the Clyde and the Tay and spent some time soaking up some rays of sun. We proceeded to Loch Lommond in an effort to find the bird sanctuary since Kathleen is bird crazy (in the best of ways) but after an hour of walking we realized we weren’t going to be able to find it so we turned back, got on the train and headed back to Glasgow 🙂

Sunday was a lovely day of church and picnicking in the park. It was our last Sunday and Re:Hope Church which was a wee bit sad but it’s good to know we’re coming back in 18 months 🙂


Monday we spent in the Science center. Andy joined us which made the day so much more fun. We played a ‘low brain activity’ game where you compete against an opponent and both try to think less than the other person. Andy won by a long shot…that says a lot 😛 hehe. We also saw some creepy crawlies and lots of sciencey learning games 🙂 That evening we went out with Lauren to see the Avengers for my second time. It is such a good film! It was an early birthday present for her. She’s almost 21! After the film Lauren and I said goodbye for the next 18 months and I headed off to see Julie Austead! That was wonderful to meet up with her after 5 years of not seeing her! She was in Scotland for a Library Science class. We had such a good chat. Good to get a catch up 🙂

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