Stirling castle and moving day!!!

Tuesday we headed to Stirling!!! We spent the entire day in the castle. It was an amazing sunny day which made the day that much more wonderful 🙂 The castle has gotten renovated in the last few years since I went there last. The royal palace was incredible, we got to see the unicorn tapestries set up oin the Queens bedchambers. We chilled out in the gardens enjoying the sun 🙂

Wednesday was packing day. It was also one of the sunniest days we have had since May! We managed to take a break at 2pm for one hour in the sun 🙂 Then we managed to totally pack up our flat before going to our last worship session at Re:Hope. We’ll miss it that’s no doubt 🙂

Thursday we finished up tidying up all the wee things in our flat then set out to scour it top to bottom! We finished by 2pm!!!!! record time for packing up a flat if you ask me. A large part of that is due to my dear Kathleen working just as hard as we were 🙂 Love her so much! Andy’s dad came to pick us up at 4:30 spot on time to hand in the keys, pack up the land rover, drive to Dundee and arrive just in time for pizza (a lovely gluten free one for me thanks to Linda). What a day! We were so exhausted but excited to head off early the next morning for the cottage in Gairloch.

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