The last few days in the sun then back to Dundee!

So on Sunday we decided to go jump in the river at the Badachroe Inn! It was lovely and warm so we got on some wet suits and took the leap! We swam over to the sunken ship and climbed up onto it. There were a couple of boys I’m guessing about 10 years old who decided Andy was pretty awesome and they were going to follow him around. When they started climbing on a rotten sunken ship that had many rotting parts attached to sharp metal we were a bit concerned but when we started swimming up the river and going amongst the rapids we decided we needed to tell them to go back to their parents at the pier 🙂 We clambered up the river a ways and found a rapid that plunged into a hole that we sat in and it basically turned it into a jacuzzi. We enjoyed that for a wee while then let the river float us back down to the pier. It was incredibly fun!

That afternoon we went back and chilled out in the sun. We made some lunch and then started to pack up the cottage. That afternoon Andy took me out for a drink at the Badachroe. A nice date with my handsome man! We cleaned up the cottage, laid in the sun, made some dinner and headed back to Dundee 🙂

We left quite late so we didn’t get to Dundee until about midnight. I marathoned Gilmore Girls with Kathleen in the back seat and slept the rest of the way 🙂

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