The last few days with Kathleen :) :(

ImageSo we started out the day with breakfast at Gran and Grandad Hayes’s house then it was off into town. Grandad gave us a complete tour of all the most ancient houses in Edinburg knowing so many dates and facts it’s amazing! We started by saying hello to Andy’s cousin Jennifer at her work then off to the Art Gallery. Kathleen is part of an Academic Decathlon team and so has studied art from many different time periods over the last 7 years and so she really enjoyed the museum. Then it was up to the castle for a wee wander. We didn’t go inside because we only had one day and it’s crazy expensive. So we walked down the royal mile popping into a few shops then off to the National Scottish Museum!


On the way we passed the Elephant House where J.K.Rowling wrote Harry Potter. Tourist-must-see! The animal exhibit is absolutely incredible in the museum and so massive. We spent our entire time just looking around at the animals. Since Kathleen is going to vet school in 2 weeks you can understand our fascination with animal exhibits in museums 😉 It really is just such a big and beautiful building. The architecture is brilliant and the exhibits are just so well done. I could spend days in this museum!

After the museum we continued walking around Edinburg. Going back to the Royal Mile and through town, through the gardens, and up to McDonalds where we got to have lunch with Jennifer. After that Kathleen and I decided to go to the Edinburg Dungeons…to say the least I was clinging to kathleen the entire time. She’s probably the best persons to go with because she laughs when she gets scared so it kept it fun. I really loved it and since none of the scariness is due to gore or anything actually terrifying and it’s all “jumping out at you” scary it was good happy scary fun :s I’m so glad I went 😀

We went and met up with Andy  and headed up to Colton Hill. I think the Parthenon-esque structure is so cool for pictures! See! You totally agree 😉

Pretty much epic.

So that was all that we could handle. We were totally and completely exhausted by this point. After the last two weeks of solid packed fun and always being on the move we had finally reached the end of our energy levels. We hopped on a bus back to Gran and Grandad’s, struggled through dinner to stay awake and went to bed by 8. Since we had to wake up at 5am the next morning we were more than happy to have an early bedtime 🙂

The next morning we were up by 5am. Thanks to grandad who wakes up by ‘bellowing’ up the stairs what time it is and that we should get up…but since 5 sounds a lot like FIRE and Andy having slept very lightly bounded out of bed startled by the bellowing…it was a very EXCITING wake up call 😛

We had some breakfast and headed to the bus station. It was a good farewell. We had  a great visit. Kathleen is welcome anytime along with any of our other friends. We love having friends visit us ❤

SO that’s all. Kathleen’s visit has officially come to an end. I think we’ll be seeing each other in 4 days back in Alaska so it wasn’t tear filled but we will miss having her around. What a lovely, cheery, excited friend I have 🙂

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