Our Alaskan Adventure!

Whew! IT’s already been 2 months in Alaska! Only 4 weeks left in this extremely dramatic country. How can time go by so quickly?

We’ve had quite an adventure that’s without a doubt. We’ve gone camping, boating, canoeing, hiking, 4-wheeling, had our first anniversary, shot lots of guns, driven over 2,500 miles, picked a few gallons of blueberries, completed a VISA application, and seen many many friends. It’s been quite an adventure thus far. Even with my constant picture taking I haven’t taken a spare second to write a blog. So here I am in the passenger seat while Andy drives from Delta to Glenallen, laptop out since the sun finally went behind the clouds.



Updates on my VISA application:
This is the most hopeful section of my blog because I know that God will show himself faithful in His great unconditional love for us. As of July 9 2012 after being married for 366 days we finally sent off our final VISA application. It was an absolutely massive box packed full of various documents providing proof of every facet of our life together. I have to give most of the credit to my lovely husband for working tirelessly in getting the documents together to perfection. As of today we have 4 weeks left in Alaska. We sent in our visa application 3 weeks ago. The application had the potential of getting completed within 2 weeks. We are waiting for our application to be approved then sent back to us. It may take 2 weeks for our documents to be sent back to us which means that the maximum time for our visa to sit around until it is approved is only 10 working days. 10 days which decide if we will be flying back to Scotland together or if Andy will have to move to London on his own. We trust that God cares more about our marriage than we do. He wants us to bring glory to Him. We are praying fervently that God will expedite our visa and we are trusting that whatever happens God is going to get all the glory! We are choosing to trust Him and His perfect love for us.

Updates on London!!!!!!:
Woo Hoo!!! We have a flat! This is such an exciting section of my blog. A lovely girl named Hannah who will be living in the same area of us viewed two different flats for us. She did an incredible job with the descriptions and the pictures. It’s a (relatively) cheap flat that is going to be renovated in the next month. We get to move in Sept 7th ! After we acquired a flat I started truly getting excited for moving. I can’t wait to make new friends, find a church, volunteer with Rahab, possibly get a coffee-shop job, and explore England for a year. England here comes the Hayes family!!!

So there’s the highlights of the Hayes family. Alaska has been fun. We’ve made many trip to Fairbanks to go hiking, play frisbee golf, to back to Radiant, see friends, and do a bit of shopping with my girlfriends 🙂 In Valdez I’m working as a Dental Assistant which is a bit of a tiring job but it pays well and I really love the work. I love living next to the ocean in a small Alaskan town. It’s an experience of a place like none other. The beauty of Alaska blows me away continually. I am constantly amazed with how majestic it is here! There’s really no place like it. I’ve also been able to visit with my best friend Bethany, her husband and my god-baby Coralie. It’s so exciting seeing her belly slowly growing as a little life grows inside of her. Baby’s are so cool!

I’m just I am excited to see how God is going to work in our VISA application, I’m thrilled to move to England, but of course I’m still loving Alaska 😀

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