UK Border Control says YES!!!

On Monday the 13 of August 2012 I got  an email saying this:

Your UK visa has been issued.

Delivery times:
Within the USA: Next business day
Outside the USA: 2-5 days



On our 1st 2nd anniversary. Last year on this day we got married in Valdez, Alaska and celebrated with our friends and family 🙂

We celebrated with dinner at 32 degrees and icecream at Northern Treats. After feeling like I gained about 5 pounds, Andy and I got on the 4-wheelers and went on an adventure just like this time last year when we made our getaway on a 4-wheeler in all of our wedding grandeur 😛

Happiest day I have had in a very long time. I’m going back to Scotland with Andy!!!

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One thought on “UK Border Control says YES!!!

  1. Beverly Silveira

    So happy for you. God is good and you both are good worthy people. We enjoyed your wedding so much. I am writing this lefty as I fell and broke my collar bone on the right side. Grandpa is awesome with the care he is giving, he needs to help me with so much. Just another learning process in patience and faith. People from our church have been great, meals, visits cards and flowers. We love you both and pray for a safe journey home as you move and start a new adventure.

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