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A climbing date with my best friend <3

So on Saturday Andy decided to take me on a date to go rock climbing! I haven’t been climbing in years so there was definitely a learning curve. Andy was very patient and within a few climbs I was able to get back into the swing of things. Able to belay Andy up and down a few climbs aswel as doing a couple of 4s on my own! (I know…defo a beginner…). But we had so much fun! We brought our own snacks to have in the middle of our date. It was lovely and so much fun! I enjoyed having Andy teach me how to tie knots and attach all the ropes properly. It was so much fun having fun together 🙂 I love dates with my lover!

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London Adventure Numero Tres!!!

Our third adventure involves a magical card called the Merlin Pass. With one you can get into any Merlin sponsored exhibit. This includes Thorpe Parks, Any sea life center, a few castles, all the dungeons, Madame Tusseads and much much more. So we decided to get all of the money we can out of it! And that means a trip to London 🙂

We started out at the Sea Life center. I have to say I LOVE SEA LIFE CENTERS!!!!!! I’m absolutely crazy abou them but they’re so expensive I hardly ever get to go to them. I really love seeing sharks, seals, penguins, starfish, sea horses, sting rays, nemo fish, jelly fish and much much more. Sea life is so incredible. I love watching it. Just ask Andy, I really could sit there for hours watching exotic fish swimming around.














We went from there just next door to the London Eye. We stood in way more lines than was necessary. Apparently with the Merlin Pass you can skip all the ticket lines and go right to the attraction!

So that was a good lesson learned 🙂 I haven’t ever gone on the eye before and it was so cool seeing all of London from a birds eye view. It is also neat seeing everything in context. like where the tower of London is, seeing the river thames snake through the city, Buckingham Palace and the houses of Parliment. It was so much fun being on the London Eye with my lover. Oh, and we got a hilarious picture on the London Eye Cam.






From there we went straight to Madame Tusseauds which wasn’t exactly on our “top ten” list but we were really surprised at how much we like it! Besides it being so incredibly packed it was really fun seeing all the stars and famous people. I got pictures with Audrey Hepburn, the Beatles and of course…THE ROYAL FAMILY!!! lol, when in London…








So we thought there can’t be a better end to a day in London than a second ride on the eye! So it was back to the River Thames! I really loved seeing everything by night. All the lights from the city and traffic. It was AWESOME!!!! After the second ride we were so exhausted we struggled staying awake on the train home. Another adventure in London complete!

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London Adventure Numero Dos!

My second adventure to London was quasi-solo. I met up with Renae for a day in London. She was there with her family for a family Euro trip so we decided to tour around London together for a day 🙂 It was so much fun seeing her again! She was my counselor when I was at Victory Bible camps probably about ten years ago and is more popularly known as Rosie 😉  We have written letters, met up, and emailed ever since. She is an amazing friend and so good at keeping in contact. I haven’t seen her in quite a long while so it was lovely seeing her again!

We happened to pick the rainest day to meet up so all the trains were late and half of them were cancelled. It was so mucky! We met up under the London Eye with umbrellas in hand. We headed up to Covant Gardens for a wee look around then onto the British Museum. I was so overwhelmed by the British museum and I’m fairly certain we only saw 5% of it so I’m going to have to make another trip sometime soon. We did see lots of old writing, the Rosetta Stone and a few really old dead people…it was great inspiring 😉 








After that we meandered over Westminster to meet up with the rest of Rosie’s family and walked over to the Tower Bridge and around by the river. Then we headed to St. Paul’s for what we thought was going to be a choir service but turned out to be a lot of standing, sitting, standing, sitting and reciting Bible verses. Not very exciting…we would have enjoyed the choir much more. We walked around a bit more then said our goodbyes. I’ll miss her as usual but we’ll meet up again I’m sure. I love you Rosie! 

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Adventure around London Numero Uno!

So Andy and I have gotten to go to London several different times. I thought it was about to to share what we have done and what we have been able to see and the fun we’ve had!

So the first trip we went on was shortly after moving to Reading. We started at Paddington station and continued onto the Natural History Museum. The Natural History Museum was incredible.Full of dinosaurs, giant whales, lots of information about the human body, tons of animals, and fun games to play along the way.

I really enjoyed seeing all the different animals and the dinosaurs. One thing that I thought was particularly impressive was all the architecture all through the entire museum. A very old building that was gigantic and ornate. I really loved that.





We went just next door to the Science Museum. This was full of the entire history of aviation, various inventions and contraptions. My favorite part was learning about everyday appliances and their evolution. I even think it’s fun flushing our toilet and knowing exactly how it works! Hehe 🙂 I am amused too easily 😉
Andy really liked seeing all the technical inventions and figuring out how they designed certain things. There was a little bit for everybody. Google had an exhibition set up with a bunch of apps that Google runs. Things like drawing your face in sand, making music with people from across the world, browsing through pictures and seeing where in the world they were taken. You had a card that you would scan at each station and then later you could go onto these apps and see your activity. It was so cool to see the machines taking information off the internet that was sent from Japan or Honduras or wherever! The internet is an amazing thing!

After this we went for a walk down by the Tower of London. I was amazed by how big the Tower Bridge was. we found the place under the bridge where they pull dead bodies out of the river…I didn’t like that part as much… It was really neat and I had never seen it before. We walked from past Downing Street and to Big Ben. It is just incredible how ornate everything is especially considering how long ago these buildings were built!

So my first trip around London was absolutely wonderful! It’s a bit crazy that we live here and we can just pop into London for the day and sightsee. We enjoyed seeing all the free things that are offered around the city. Andy finished off the day by taking me out to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe! I had never gotten to go to one before and this one was just off of Picadilly Circus which I thought was extra cool 🙂 What a wonderful first trip!

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A Blog for Reading! ;)

I just realized I haven’t blogged since getting to Reading! I have to tell you all about our flat, my job, our new friends, and the adventures we’ve had thus far!

So first off. We’ve made it to Reading, England!

We have a very wee flat to call our own 🙂 We have been able to make it home. It has a lot of “qwirks” that we’re trying make the best of. Our front entry door doesn’t work, the buzzer is broken, our VERY heavy blinds fell off the wall cuz they were only glued on, the smoke detector goes off when we boil the kettle, our fridge is the size of a college dorm mini-fridge and the worst of all? Our shower is chilly and has next to no pressure. It doesn’t even get my whole head wet 😦 So I use the sink to fill up buckets of water and dump them on my head….that’s not very much fun and has resulted in many tears unfortunately. But we’re learning how to get on with it. We have been able to make it very cozy and really cute 🙂

I have been able to get a job at a coffee shop called the Workhouse Coffee Company which is the coolest coffee shop I have ever been to. They roast all their own beans from some of the best growers in the world. Everything is organic and homemade. All the staff is from different countries which is really awesome! They are all really friendly and so caring. I love it there!

I’m also volunteering with Rahab. They work with prostitutes in the city ministering to them, being their friend, handing out condoms and hot chocolate. Going with them to doctors appointments or whatever else they might need. So they do night outreaches then several day activities. They even have a drop in sessions at Workhouse Coffee Shop every week! What a good deal eh? So I’m loving being involved with them. I love it so much. It’s what I’m supposed to be doing right now 🙂

So that’s basically what I have going on. We’ve found a cool church called Reading Family Church and that’s lots of fun. Really neat people! The pastors are great and it’s a good place to be. I’m enjoying getting involved with. I’ve gotten to go along to the youth group stuff which means I am now friends with tons of 12 year old girls who are awesome! Baking, dancing, and talking about anything/everything 🙂

We have also gotten to have many adventures to London together. But that is another blog for another day 😉

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Yet another birthday done! It feels so weird being 22…I kinda still feel like I’m 18. I don’t know what that means.

I had the most wonderful day yesterday! I had so much fun!!!

I got to start out the day very with presents on my bed then Andy made me breakfast in bed! It was such a good start to the day. We had a bit of a lazy morning then put on our running clothes and went for an early morning run! It was such wonderful weather, a brisk sunny morning. Perfect running weather by the canals with my best friend 🙂

We came back to our flat, tidied a bit and made up a Mexican feast for our new friends Josh and Sonia. We got out the bop-it and played a few rounds of Cranium. So many laughs! I loved it.

After that we went to our church for the evening service that ended up basically being a slightly African Jesus Rave! It was amazing and SO MUCH FUN! We had a guest from South Africa who was playing with the worship team and he was just so excitable. It didn’t take long before everybody in the church was jumping around, spinning, doing silly dance moves, and laughing our heads off. It was basically a jesus-dance-party. LOVED IT! Good way to end the day. Good first day of being 22 🙂

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Happy Veterans Day! I have always loved today. Seeing all the poppies people in the UK wear, countless facebook posts with very loving photos and comments about how much it means to a citizen of any country to know that there’s people in the military willing to die for their country. So much respect. But it doesn’t stop with those men out there fighting and risking their lives. There are a lot of people directly impacted by what they offer up their lives to do.
This last year I have to say that my respect for army wives has escalated dramatically. I hadn’t really thought about it before I got married but since getting married I realized that having a spouse in the military means not only do they leave for months if not years at a time but there’s always the dreaded thought that they might not come back. They have to be a single parents for large chunks of time. When their spouse comes back they have to readjust to having somebody else back in the house and another parents around their kids. I just went back to Alaska for 3 weeks for a friends funeral and while I was gone got a wee glimpse into what it is like to be separated from your spouse for an extended amount of time. Also, seeing my friend lose his wife and him now being a single dad to a 3 week old little girl I just couldn’t stop thinking that this happens to many people who have a spouse in the military. I knew I was able to go back to my husband, I was not in harms way at all, I got to see some amazing friends, and even got to see my family again. Even with all these lovely “perks” to my trip it was still difficult. Maintaining good communication, having to make life choices and decisions that could impact us for years. Trying to catch up with each other over a bad Skype connection for our 20 minute scheduled slot. Having no physical contact and not being able to hug after a tough conversation. There’s a lot that goes into being separated from your spouse for a long period of time (and 3 weeks is nothing on 12 months!) Even when you are joyously reunited the difficulties do not stop there. There is an adjustment period where you have to learn to cook together again, manage chores, delegate parenting, and much much more. There is a lot that is involved when your spouse is in the military.

I could go on and on in my observations. There is much more to talk about but here’s what I would ask you to do. Pray for these girls and women who have a husband/boyfriend who is deployed. Pray that they wouldn’t grow apart and that they would have clear conversations. Invite them over to your house and be a loving friend to them. Even if you don’t know them well, nobody ever got their feelings hurt by getting invited to somebody’s house for dinner. Give them hugs. Tell them they’re beautiful and are doing a good job. There are a lot of things that husbands and boyfriends do for their girlfriends/wives that they can no longer do from overseas. I can understand this from dating my husband long distance for 13 months, then living overseas away from my family for the last few years. It’s tough. But there’s a lot you can do. It’s easy to think that “oh, well they’ve made that choice and I’m sure they’ll be fine” or “they’ve done it before they probably have the hang of it” So I encourage you to reach out to them.
It’s also my birthday! I’m 22 now which means I’m officially old 😦 Well…that’s what my brain thinks. Though, I still feel like I’m about 18…so I’m not sure what that’s all about 😛 The last 4 years has been tricky because I’ve always been in a new country and it’s hard not being around friends for my birthday. So I’ve had quite low key birthdays. But this year I have a wonderful husband who is currently cooking me breakfast in bed. Plus it’s a beautiful day outside and I’m gonna go enjoy it 🙂

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