Adventure around London Numero Uno!

So Andy and I have gotten to go to London several different times. I thought it was about to to share what we have done and what we have been able to see and the fun we’ve had!

So the first trip we went on was shortly after moving to Reading. We started at Paddington station and continued onto the Natural History Museum. The Natural History Museum was incredible.Full of dinosaurs, giant whales, lots of information about the human body, tons of animals, and fun games to play along the way.

I really enjoyed seeing all the different animals and the dinosaurs. One thing that I thought was particularly impressive was all the architecture all through the entire museum. A very old building that was gigantic and ornate. I really loved that.





We went just next door to the Science Museum. This was full of the entire history of aviation, various inventions and contraptions. My favorite part was learning about everyday appliances and their evolution. I even think it’s fun flushing our toilet and knowing exactly how it works! Hehe 🙂 I am amused too easily 😉
Andy really liked seeing all the technical inventions and figuring out how they designed certain things. There was a little bit for everybody. Google had an exhibition set up with a bunch of apps that Google runs. Things like drawing your face in sand, making music with people from across the world, browsing through pictures and seeing where in the world they were taken. You had a card that you would scan at each station and then later you could go onto these apps and see your activity. It was so cool to see the machines taking information off the internet that was sent from Japan or Honduras or wherever! The internet is an amazing thing!

After this we went for a walk down by the Tower of London. I was amazed by how big the Tower Bridge was. we found the place under the bridge where they pull dead bodies out of the river…I didn’t like that part as much… It was really neat and I had never seen it before. We walked from past Downing Street and to Big Ben. It is just incredible how ornate everything is especially considering how long ago these buildings were built!

So my first trip around London was absolutely wonderful! It’s a bit crazy that we live here and we can just pop into London for the day and sightsee. We enjoyed seeing all the free things that are offered around the city. Andy finished off the day by taking me out to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe! I had never gotten to go to one before and this one was just off of Picadilly Circus which I thought was extra cool 🙂 What a wonderful first trip!

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