London Adventure Numero Dos!

My second adventure to London was quasi-solo. I met up with Renae for a day in London. She was there with her family for a family Euro trip so we decided to tour around London together for a day 🙂 It was so much fun seeing her again! She was my counselor when I was at Victory Bible camps probably about ten years ago and is more popularly known as Rosie 😉  We have written letters, met up, and emailed ever since. She is an amazing friend and so good at keeping in contact. I haven’t seen her in quite a long while so it was lovely seeing her again!

We happened to pick the rainest day to meet up so all the trains were late and half of them were cancelled. It was so mucky! We met up under the London Eye with umbrellas in hand. We headed up to Covant Gardens for a wee look around then onto the British Museum. I was so overwhelmed by the British museum and I’m fairly certain we only saw 5% of it so I’m going to have to make another trip sometime soon. We did see lots of old writing, the Rosetta Stone and a few really old dead people…it was great inspiring 😉 








After that we meandered over Westminster to meet up with the rest of Rosie’s family and walked over to the Tower Bridge and around by the river. Then we headed to St. Paul’s for what we thought was going to be a choir service but turned out to be a lot of standing, sitting, standing, sitting and reciting Bible verses. Not very exciting…we would have enjoyed the choir much more. We walked around a bit more then said our goodbyes. I’ll miss her as usual but we’ll meet up again I’m sure. I love you Rosie! 

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