London Adventure Numero Tres!!!

Our third adventure involves a magical card called the Merlin Pass. With one you can get into any Merlin sponsored exhibit. This includes Thorpe Parks, Any sea life center, a few castles, all the dungeons, Madame Tusseads and much much more. So we decided to get all of the money we can out of it! And that means a trip to London šŸ™‚

We started out at the Sea Life center. I have to say I LOVE SEA LIFE CENTERS!!!!!! I’m absolutely crazy abou them but they’re so expensive I hardly ever get to go to them. I really love seeing sharks, seals, penguins, starfish, sea horses, sting rays, nemo fish, jelly fish and much much more. Sea life is so incredible. I love watching it. Just ask Andy, I really could sit there for hours watching exotic fish swimming around.














We went from there just next door to the London Eye. We stood in way more lines than was necessary. Apparently with the Merlin Pass you can skip all the ticket lines and go right to the attraction!

So that was a good lesson learned šŸ™‚ I haven’t ever gone on the eye before and it was so cool seeing all of London from a birds eye view. It is also neat seeing everything in context. like where the tower of London is, seeing the river thames snake through the city, Buckingham Palace and the houses of Parliment. It was so much fun being on the London Eye with my lover. Oh, and we got a hilarious picture on the London Eye Cam.






From there we went straight to Madame Tusseauds which wasn’t exactly on our “top ten” list but we were really surprised at how much we like it! Besides it being so incredibly packed it was really fun seeing all the stars and famous people. I got pictures with Audrey Hepburn, the Beatles and of course…THE ROYAL FAMILY!!! lol, when in London…








So we thought there can’t be a better end to a day in London than a second ride on the eye! So it was back to the River Thames! I really loved seeing everything by night. All the lights from the city and traffic. It was AWESOME!!!! After the second ride we were so exhausted we struggled staying awake on the train home. Another adventure in London complete!

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